Insulated wall welding support – 100L

Steel thickness 5 mm


Description El. No Weight kg
Insulated wall welding s. – 100L BVS 1130 0,42

Ref. NORSOK M-501 6 Surface protection:

Sharp edges, fillets, corners and welds shall be rounded or smoothened by grinding

Ref. C097-AKG-M-RA-0004 Dissimilar metal connection guidelines:

5.2 Instrument / Electro / HVAC: Support for instruments, electro and HVAC shall be partly coated (50 mm) when welded to carbon steel.

A – Ladder welding support – 200L
B – Tray welding support – 100L
C – Insulated wall welding support – 100L
D – Angle Iron Multi 50x50x5 – 50L